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B franchises have popped up everywhere in recent years, and several of them on Long Island, but this is the first of its kind in Plainview, Connecticut. This voluminous waterfall is located on the Niagara River, which straddles the border between Niagara Falls, New York and Niagara County, Ontario, Canada.

The little bridal veil falls are located on the island of Luna, which separates them from the main falls. Goat Island offers more views of the waterfalls and is also home to the Power Portal, where you can see a giant statue of Nikola Tesla, and a walking path, as well as a picnic area. The falls are the second largest in the United States and the third largest in Canada, after Niagara Falls.

There is also a toilet and you can stay on top of the waterfalls to have a great view of all the waterfalls, as well as a picnic area.

All you have to do is drive to 453 N. Brooksvale Road, where there is a large parking lot, and park there. The Columbia Greenway Trail, which runs about two miles along Main Street, turns off Shaker Road in Westfield. If you start in Simsbury and go north, this is the official end of the road, but if you are there to go all the way, you can go to Cornwall Avenue, turn right, go through New Heaven, then Turn left at the intersection of Cornwall Street and Main Street.

It is a fairly driveable road at this point, although there are beer bottles and cans everywhere and some cars were spotted on Farmington Avenue Park & Ride, but it was a day to go out.

Almost ready for the day, we passed the gas line fence and drove quickly onto Prattling Pond Road. We crossed a relatively deep valley in the area, walked a bit further and passed through a small park with a few trees and a nice view of the Rattlesnake Cliffs staring at us from the top of Pinnacle Rock, one of the best views in Connecticut. Similar to Metacomet Ridge, it is made of basalt (also called traprock or volcanic rock) and, like the rest of Plainview, the rocks in this area are a mixture of different types of rock.

There is a narrow, linear Metacomet Ridge that stretches from Prattling Pond Road to the southern end of the park, about 14 miles. The jeep trail crosses this area, which means we had to cross it a few times, which got a bit annoying. In total, there are 19 miles to cover from Simsbury to Westfield, but in Plainview it is only about 14 miles for a total of 18 miles of hiking trails and trails.

After crossing Morse Street in New Heaven and reaching the end of the path at Temple Street, we entered a section of the path near the intersection to get to Main Street Westfield at the top of the Stop & Shop parking lot. There is a tunnel under Temple Street and we expected to finish our journey here, but the gate was closed on the day we did it, which is the case every week. The reason for this is that the paths end at a gate, so that one can only enter the park through the tunnel.

Once you get to the beginning of the trail, turn right, go up a hill, cycle up and down the hill, and you will soon reach the top of Main Street Westfield, just a few meters from the Stop & Shop parking lot.

The summit is bare and offers views of the city of Plainview and its skyline, as well as the nearby city limits. The observation deck of the nearby Skylon Tower offers views over the waterfalls and in the opposite direction views of Toronto. Up on Main Street Westfield is the former site of the Tower Hotel, which is still in its original use as a hotel.

The northernmost end runs for most of its 3.8 miles from Hart Street through the town of Southington to Hart Street. The plan is to start at 604 Canal Street in Plantsville, drive south along the Farmington River Trail and then return to Simsbury along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail. When we got back, we wanted to drive east on Main Street and then south on the Farmington River Trail and take it to Farmington.

After the short northern section of the southern section we got on our bikes and headed south to Cheshire, where the main part of this trail begins. This was our first time on the trail, but we knew before we started that there would be many viewpoints, so we decided to start our hike in Simsbury. Afterwards I got on my bike and treated myself to a tour of what I would surely have seen as the first of many views of things that can be seen for miles around Central Connecticut. The trail leads from Hart Street through the town of Southington to the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail.

More About Plainview

More About Plainview